Jimmy Dludlu

SpecialityJazz guitarist

Jimmy Dludlu, a gifted guitarist, is a well-known South African jazz musician . Dludlu’s style includes far-reaching influences and combines both traditional and modern elements of jazz by Wes Montgomery, George Benson and Pat Metheny to South African heroes such as Miriam Makeba , Letta Mbulu , Hugh Masekela , Themba Mokwena and Allen Kwela, among others. Dludlu is particularly fond of the sounds of West and Central Africa, as well as of Latin America, but mentions that jazz is still his favorite music genre. His many original compositions fall into the tradition that can be loosely classified as Afro-jazz.

Jimmy Dludlu’s debut album, Echoes from the Past (PolyGram, 1997) was released in September 1997 and was widely received positively. The album earned Jimmy two FNB SAMA awards for “Best Newcomer” and “Best Contemporary Jazz Album” in 1998, and sales figures in January 1999 indicated sales of more than 250,000 records. The album has since been released by the Verve record label in nine countries, including the United States , Italy , Switzerland , Sweden and Hungary.

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