James Mange

SpecialityAfrican activist

James Mange is a Freedom Fighter and Activist for Equality amongst people no matter what social strata they are born in. No man has more rights or privileges over another.
It is this Societal Conviction and Commitment in fighting for the rights to serve as a very young teenage that made James Mange leave his home and join the African National Congress to train as Umkhonto Wesizwe to displace the Apartheid Regime.
James was intercepted by the operatives of the system when as a commander at the age of 24 years; and in 1979, he was sentenced to Death by Hanging by Apartheid
Judge Hefer. James Mange spent 12 months in the Pretoria Maximum Jail waiting for his day with the Hangman in the Gallows of the South African Apartheid system.
The African National Congress mobilized International Organizations, pressurized the Apartheid system to Save the Life of James Mange. The International Pressure against South Africa, staged protests in Europe, the United Kingdom, Canada and the United States.
In November 1979 James Mange Death sentence was commuted to 20 years on
Robben Island. It was there that James Mange met Nelson Mandela who was a
prisoner in the adjacent cell. James Mange spent 13years on Robben Island where he kept his convictions alive through Reggae Music as he taught his comrades to read and play music.
All this went on in defiance of the Prison and its Apartheid System.

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